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Sweet Baby Birdie Baby Shower Inspirations

Remember my soul sister/bestie Linda (and her wedding shower I organized for $50)? Well…Linda is going to be a mother! I could not be more delighted!

Our friend Julie and I were asked to host her baby shower. It was fun, beautiful, and a terrific way to honor her infant boy. So have fun with this post filled with baby birdie (bird-themed) baby shower concepts, and see how we managed to pull it all together.

Theme – Baby Birds

As stated in this article, I recommend baby shower beginning with a theme when throwing a baby shower. It makes everything more comfortable and more cohesive. A baby bird theme was chosen by me. We believed it would be a way to incorporate boy colors such as blue, cream, and brown, while still making it classy and feminine.

Decorations For Shower

Linda desired to maintain the shower at her area’s clubhouse, so we had to pack food and the entire décor from our homes. We chose to keep it simple.

We focused on big statement pieces. We wanted to make the most significant statement.  We borrowed as much as possible!  We purchased for the low price. I get “nest” filler from the Dollar store.

Here are some examples, of some of the decorations, I ransacked my friend Lucy’s home (because it seems like something straight out of  Martha Stewart). She didn’t disappoint!

She insisted that I bring the crib rail and a wreath to make a grand entrance at the shower. I’m glad she compelled me because it made a difference! When she purchased her crib the railing was scratched. She kept he scratched one and got a brand new one. It stands up on its own, she uses the railing to attach decoration, like the wreath or a sign!

The wreath was a gold glitter leaf wreath bought from a store that she spruced up with a hand-made bow of ribbon, burlap, and other attractive material that I am terrible at. Once in the clubhouse, there was not much to decorate.

We focused on the food table for decoration

I got a light blue vinyl disposable table cover from the dollar shop as our base.  Then I borrowed the tan table cloth. Which, celebration hint, was not a table cloth at all…it was two curtain panels!

She used them as a table cover. You can wash them many times, and since they’re long and skinny, they’re easy to bunch up decoratively.

bird cage table topper

We used a birdcage as our centerpiece.  We place artificial moss within the birdcage together with chalk eggs which I obtained from my kids’ Easter basket stuffer collection.

We also put gift package filler into obtained vases to hold our plasticware to keep with the “nest-y” look. All chalk eggs, moss, and fillers we purchased from The Dollar Tree Store, but you also can get much of that on

We place the food on the big table and put beverages, utensils, napkins, and plates on another. Oh, and yes, that is my ideal party punch bowl which you notice there!

Once more, my friend Julie came to the rescue with this stunning garland she created and had lying around her house (who does this??). Really though, it is simple. She took ribbon, burlap, and lace and tied into a length of twine.

Julie made some customized prints that were terrific for the shower. We printed Julie’s adorable water bottle labels and put the water bottles at a cute laundry basket for extra preparation and cuteness.

birds nests party decorations

Party Helpful Hint –We freed up a desk area in the room and used it for baby gifts.  If you do not create a defined space for presents, they end up gathering awkwardly throughout the room. Whether it is a table, area along a wall, or a desk, set aside a specified space for presents.

We decorated a small coffee table with a few inexpensive burlaps and scrap fabric that I bought from Walmart (find cloth online at  The rolls are a crap fabric which was discounted even beneath the reasonable rates. They happened to be the ideal colors.

Food Preparations

Ahhh…the best aspect of shower…the food! Her party was from 10:00-11:30 a.m. so we offered a light menu.

Bear in mind the rules for meals in this “Feeding a Crowd On The Cheap” post.

Here’s what we did to keep it delicious cheap, and beautiful:

Helpful Hint-  Do not do it all yourself! Julie and I brought food, but also allowed anyone who offered to bring food! It relieved cost for Julie and I and gave others a chance to feel involved with the shower. There’s nothing tacky about asking for help if nobody offers, either.

I made a big batch of my 10-minute Mini Quiches with things I had on hand, so they did not cost me anything. I truly woke up, I put them in the oven in 10 minutes and taken them out 10 minutes later.

I purchased a bag of little bagels from Costco for $4 and some plain cream cheese I’d on-hand. Little bagels are fantastic for a brunch-type party menu…and they are just darn adorable.

Linda’s mom brought many different big-sized bagels and two tastes of cream cheese. We cut the bagels into 1/4 or 1/2’s because they were so large.


Do not forget a cake with the shower theme colors, which gives everyone a sweet treat.

Helpful Hint- People would preferably have small amounts of an assortment of foods, so keep things cut small so people can taste a bit of everything.

Julie brought some fruit that was great to have among all the carbohydrates.  Linda’s mother brought a box of donuts that we cut into quarters so people could try out a variety.

Shower Party Games

I am a big believer you must have games in a shower! It throws away all awkwardness, gives people to perform, and helps celebrate the bride or mom-to-be better (which is the goal of a shower). Julie and I each proposed one game.

Party Activities

Julie did “End Mommy Bird’s Phrase” game. She made these adorable printables and had Linda fill in the blank with the word of expression that instantly comes to mind.

So for example for “diaper ___” she might pour some “Diaper cream.” We had to imagine what answers she put down. The individual with the most matches wins!

My game is a personal favorite. I call it “Baby’s First Portrait.” I handed everyone a notecard (I randomly purchased a massive stack of from a clearing sale for like $0.10 ) and a marker. Everyone needed to hold the card to their heads and draw what they think the baby boy of Linda will look like on one side, and write their name on the other side of the card.

Linda got to select the worst and best drawings as winners. This game is a favorite because it gets people laughing!

It loosens people up, breaks down any walls, and gets people excited. Plus it requires no prep and is simple to execute which is excellent from a planning standpoint.

Take-Home Gift or Party Favor

I desired to do something special for the return gifts. Heck, it’s Linda, after all! So yesterday, as I mentioned, I decided to create my super duper nest necklaces for all to take home. Once more, my friend Julie came to rescue by providing this metallic tree to show on the necklaces.

How adorable is this? I planned to get branches from outside and spray paint them white, or leaves them as-is and put them in a beautiful container with big rocks to keep it in place. And we place it in this acquired glitter frame.

Shower Gifts

baby shower thank you cards

We finished the shower with Linda showing her great collection of presents. A few smart ideas that I loved…

Diaper cake. You can never go wrong! Whether you create your own or purchase it, it is an adorable way to give a gift.

Give a present to the mom-to-be! I thought that was so considerate! A guest got the baby boy a cute gift, but then got Linda a dress to wear home from the hospital also! She got a maxi dress, lipstick, and some lovely jewelry that was perfect for making a mom feel less obese after having a baby.

It was a fantastic shower, and my only investment was the Nest Necklaces, which I was delighted to invest in to make her shower special and unique. And, obviously, we needed to finish the shower with our inability to have a normal picture together.

And a celebration in the parking lot. That is the way we affordably pulled off the sweet baby bird shower.  Check out our Owl Party ideas and maybe incorporate some of those with this theme. We hope this helps you!

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