How To Throw A Super Hero Kids Party

On the lookout for a birthday party idea that will let your creativity fly? You can’t fail if you plan a superhero-based party.

This theme’s a surefire winner since it appeals to both boys and girls, and a range of ages.

As we all know, superheroes exhibit unique abilities, wear colorful costumes and save the world with astonishing regularity. It is the perfect triad for a birthday celebration that is easy to plan and much easier for your guests to memorize in the months that follow.

And, unlike tamer topics, a superhero birthday party presents itself to exciting games and other ventures — none of which need you to empty your child’s college savings account to accomplish. Whew!

Starting Point Super Hero Theme

Fortified with a superhero theme the logistics naturally fall into line, starting with a few ideas for party invitations:

Super hero party theme

Thanks to some stroke of sheer genius, you can take your kid’s birthday cards from blasé into blamo (that is superhero-speak for “amazing”). Just mail a cape and mask together with your invitations. Not only will it catch prospective attendees’ attention, but they can also use the cape and mask to the celebration.

There are lots of online stores that provide invitations with customized superhero themes. Or, you can create your own invitations utilizing cardstock. Create a custom made card by sticking your child’s picture, together with a superhero cartoon (you may find these on the internet and take print out) and the celebration info.

Another interesting idea would be to draw a cartoon strip which features your child as a superhero, in addition to the party’s time and date. If you are not artistically good, you might have to ask a favor of a relative or friend.

In terms of the party’s place, your choices are flexible. In case you have space (and the inclination), you can host it in your home.

If not, it is a relatively simple matter to convert a hired party room into a superhero cave. Two days before the party, paint a few cardboard and cut it into caption bubbles (the type drawn near animation personalities’ mouths) and write some rememberable superhero expressions on them.

“Pow” and”Zap” are classic choices.

wonder woman cartoon super man boy cartoon

Dress the birthday party table with a colorful tablecloth that matches a superhero theme, like Green Lantern- green or Magic Woman-red, then use comic book pages as placemats. Round out the appearance with helium balloons attached throughout the room. Needless to say, superheroes are sure to be hungrier than most, so it is ideal to have a lot of food available.

Superhero Birthday Party Supplies

Like all birthday parties, a superhero party must present a cake because of its supreme brilliance. Many bakery supply stores sell cake pans in different shapes; it should not be tricky to discover a bat-shaped container or one that is produced after a particular comic book hero or his badge.

As soon as you’ve got the cake in hand, add amazing heartier meals into the menu.

Any sandwich can become a “hero,” mainly if children build their own. Build a homemade sandwich bar with cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes, condiments, and sliced cheeses.

Side dishes can consist of gelatin cut into superhero contours, in addition to great principles of licorice (every superhero wants a rope, right?).

It’s also wise to keep your guests occupied with hands-on party favors. Set a kid-friendly comic book by each place setting for a party favor. You may increase the fun by providing each guest with an oval container of Silly Putty. They could press the Silly Putty from a cartoon strip. When they uncover it, they will get a mirror image of the animation on the Silly Putty.

And, as they can take the comic book and Silly Putty house, these party favors will offer hours of pleasure. If you require extra superhero party favors, online retailers such as Oriental Trading market them by the dozen.

Superhero Party Games

All superheroes like to stay busy. And the superheroes in your kid’s birthday celebration are no exception, so make sure to have a lot of games for them to play.

A fantastic place to start is by asking them to use their X-ray vision. Put many different small things in a case (such as plastic water guns, grapes, and other similar things).  Then find out if the guests can determine what they are by considering within the case without looking.

Older children may get excited of a surprise, like a half a tomato (cut side up) or other things filled with interesting textures. Another affordable idea is to cover several modest buckets or large-mouth containers in aluminum foil to serve as planets.

Then provide guests ping-pong balls to throw which were painted in a green color (do this a couple of days before the birthday celebration) to the worlds.  These kryptonite balls can be thrown out of varying distances, based on guests’ age and perceived difficulty level.

It’s also a good idea to establish different activity stations, each with its own craft or game that will provide a fun take on the party’s superhero motif.

Super hero face painting

Along with the games suggested before, wrangle a few volunteers for face-painting. To avoid allergic reactions use uniquely formulated paint from an online retailer or craft store. At another station, provide superhero-themed markers, coloring books, superhero cardstock cutouts, and stickers.

Ask the other parents to join you, as you dress as a superhero, too. They may discover themselves having just as much fun as our smaller guests. After all, you have already put a whole lot of work into planning the celebration. Now it is time to enjoy it!

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