“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Theme Party Ideas

We Are Seeing Rainbows, Blue Skys, And White Clouds

For a child’s first birthday party this will be an extraordinary event. Though she/he might not recall their  1st birthday event, for the longest time, you want to make the rainbow themed party memorable for the entire family.

When I started thinking about topics, those ‘kiddie’ themes began flying through my mind. At last, I chose the rainbow theme, and that suited perfectly. A one-year-old or any toddler aged child brings so many colors into our lives,  cannot think of any better idea than a rainbow theme for a first birthday celebration.

Design Inspiration

You want to maintain the ambiance of a party within a Rainbow theme but not go over the top and make the place look like a ‘candy shop’. The majority of the decorations are DIY projects motivated by searching through blogs, Pinterest, etc.

The majority of projects of the DIY jobs allow us to add our own personal touch to it, and also make it just like we imagine it.

Listen to the words of the original song for additional ideas. Some keywords that one can pick up from the song and get ideas to run with are Stars, White Clouds in the sky, Bluebirds, Lemon drops, Trees of green and red roses.

credit: Somewhere Over The Rainbow song from the Wizard of Oz movie.

Decorating Options

Project Details

  1. Rainbow Butterfly Cake– I gave the idea to Cake Designer, and she made it as I desired. I was happy with the cake.
  2. Rainbow Table Centerpiece- DIY Project
  3. Rainbow Pom-Poms- look online
  4. Birthday Cake Flag Topper- DIY Project
  5. Rainbow Garlands- DIY Project (Just cut out Cardstock paper and stitch them)
  6. Rainbow Mobile- DIY Project
  7. Rainbow and Cloud- DIY Project (Made Rainbow with Tulle fabric and Cloud has been created from hard cardboard)
  8. Thumbprint Tree- Partially a DIY Project and party children.

I designed the background display of the picture before the celebration, which involved Tree with leafless branches, sticker fence, sticker Sun, and sticker Bird, etc. During the ceremony, the children gave their thumbprint leaves of this tree. The picture frame was from Michael’s.

Favorite Items

Although I like everything about this celebration, the Thumbprint Tree is my favorite part, it’s an adorable souvenir hanging in the room of Ayana.

There’s so much we can do if we let our imagination run with our rainbow theme, and it doesn’t have to be for just a birthday party.  The theme search can begin from scanning a few words on ‘Google’ or asking a friend or looking at ideas all around us.

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