Secret Santa Game Party Guide

It is always good to start preparing for your holiday celebrations as soon as possible, mainly because there are many things to think about from food to decorations for your house. That is why we have written this guide to prepare the outstanding Secret Santa party at your home or office.

Select Your Secret Santa

First things first, you want to select names for Secret Santa party. Make sure your guests are excited about the celebration (and make it easier for everybody in the long term) by providing them a brief explanation as to how the game is played and find out what sort of gift ideas and dollar limit.  For a twist on the conventional way, decide a theme for gifts that everyone brings. You can say that everybody should purchase movie-related gifts.

Deck The Halls 

When it finally comes time to get ready for the celebration, the more decorations, the better. And what is more festive than a Christmas-tree? Make these cute little ornaments trees and place them all around your living room or where you will be hosting your party.

Get Grinch-y

It is holiday time, meaning that it is probably cold outside. Help your visitors get hot when they come inside with this Grinch Hot Chocolate.

And what is better with hot chocolate but some yummy Grinch green cookies.

Serve Snacks

How else would be your party guests going to keep their energy up to dance? You will absolutely want some holiday treats to go with your very festive celebration. Attempt to make those reindeer brownies that are fully Rudolph-approved.

christmas cupcakes and cookies

Cue up the Games

Santa Party

Keep up with your holiday theme by enjoying some festive games, such as Christmas Songs Pictionary or Charades. Can your friends guess which song you are drawing out? It will be fun, definitely.

Save the presents for last.

Near the end of the celebration is when you ought to finally exchange your Secret Santa presents.  It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with!

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