5th Grade Birthday Rocket Party

Five, four, three, two, one — blast off!

The countdown to fun has started with these fantastic tips for an astronaut rocket party, including games and activities. These arts and craft projects should keep the children entertained for a few hours.  Try as many as you like or as time allows, but most of all remember to let them have fun and maybe they just want to play with a rocket ship.

Party Themed Activities

1. Lost in Space

To play this rocket party game, you’ll have to gain access to a ball pit. Toss a few items into the ball pit which you would like your party guests to find.

As an example, you can hide small astronaut action sketches, toy spaceships or even little, wrapped pieces of candy (call them asteroids) one of the chunks in the pit. Set a timer and send the children on a mission to discover the items which have been “lost in space.”

2. Solar System Scavenger Race

For setting up this game, suspend two poster boards adjacently onto a wall. Draw the sun in the Middle. Create two collections of the solar system’s planets using cardstock cuttings. Name the planets and hide them around the party area.

Divide your guests into two groups. The teams must rush to find a complete set of those planets. Once they’ve collected all their planets, they need to hang them at the appropriate place on the poster board. The team who complete their solar system poster first will win. Here is another version of a solar system scavenger hunt.

Rocket Birthday Party

3. Rocket Ship Rings

The purpose of the game is for children to operate their rockets within a set of space hoops. Hang hula hoops, so that they hang at different levels from above the ground. To downsize the scope of this game, you can cut out the centers of paper plates and use them as your own rings. Have kids use little toy spaceships or allow them to create their own by folding sheets of aluminum foil to the shape of rocket ships.

Players should take turns tossing their enemy ships throughout the collection of rings. Score one point for each ring a boat sails through without hitting the sides. The player who scores the most points wins, or it’s possible to award distinct trinket prizes based on point totals.

4. Asteroid Collecting

Have the children hunt outside for “asteroids” (rocks). Once they’ve gathered a lot of them, make them sit in a craft desk and apply neon colored paints on them. After the paint is dry, divide the players into two groups.

Have one group to hide each the asteroids and challenge another team to find them. Once all the asteroids are found, change sides, so everybody gets a turn in both hiding the asteroids and finding them.

5. Saturn Ring Toss

Put a beach ball on the floor. To stick with the theme we will call the ball Saturn.  Make the players line up a couple of feet away from the ball. Provide them hula hoops and ask them to”ring” Saturn (such as in the game of ring toss) with the rings.

6. Musical Planets

For an external space version of the typical party game, musical chairs, substitute the seats with “planets.” Take colored playground balls, volleyballs or basketballs which are strong enough for children to sit on.

Line up the balls and have children circle these “planets” while the music plays. When the music ends, they have to sit on a ball. The children left standing is out of the game.

Any participant who loses balance and falls from a planet is also out. Keep playing until one player is left.

7. Meteor Shower

Decorate or make a round piñata having an appearance like a meteor. Fill it with candies. When your party guests to break it open, the candy that drops is the “meteor shower.” If the kids are patient you can add some sparklers to the end and let them burn prior to the children hitting the piñata.

8. Moon Walk Simulator

bounce house moon walk

If you have heard about a party theme that needs a bounce house, it is the space theme. Attach a symbol “moonwalk simulator”” on the front of your bounce house that makes your astronauts bounce nearby, preparing for future spacewalks. You might also desire to include some of those bounce house party games to keep them amused.

9. Rocket Ship Craft

Establish a rocket ship craft station with basics like cardstock paper, paper towel tubes, scissors, colored markers, tape, metallic decals, and aluminum foil. Have children use these objects to construct and enhance their own rocket ship designs.

They are even able to use these to your rocket ship rings match and then bring them home as an astronaut party favor.

10. Twist Your Own Balloon Rocket Ship

Watch this video either yourself and make ahead, or have the 5th graders watch it and try to make their own rocket party spaceships.

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