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Rhythm And Brews Evening Party

Make your Summer refreshing and joyful with a Rhythm and Brews party. Some top-notch decorations, finger-Lickin’ barbecue recipes, and (of course) beer sampling create this celebration to be the party of the season. Hold on to your hats, let’s get ready to have fun!!

Event Planning Guide

1. Build The Party

A home-built, classic truck, and country odes, like plaid tablecloths and guitars, makes this celebration authentic and fun. We reveal our secrets for throwing an ideal backyard barbecue ever.

2. The Invites

Who does not love a pun? This booze-inspired invite allows guests to know the party details. Tie each invitation with a bottle opener and a red bow, then send and get prepping!

3. The Bar

The most exciting part of the beer tasting party is the bar, obviously.  We covered containers supporting a home-made wooden bar, then decorated with a (fake!) bullhead, some wire-strung red stars, and a rustic sign.

4. Light Up Signs

A light-up sign indicates the party’s open for business! Start looking for these letter lights in home products store or the local crafts. Suggestion: The ones with LED lights remain lit perfect, but be aware of the bright white daylight LEDs.  We would suggest the soft white lights.

5. Printable Banners

A printable banner makes it simple to transform your party in old-country style. String on a red ribbon and hang it on your table, between trees or truck.

6. The Display

Not everybody has a classic truck for serving meals and cranking songs. Get creative with your setting — if it is on your terrace, in your backyard, or on your driveway. Varying sized and colored tables playfully split the scene.

7. Sweet Smore’s Bar

Create a mobile s’mores bar! All you need is charcoal briquets, a wood pallet, and chafing dish fuel containers. Now if that is too much trouble or too complicated no worries.

See the video above and it will show you how to make chocolate graham cracker marshmallow bars, that can be premade and cut up and served to party guests as a snack or dessert.  You may want to keep them away from kids or they will disappear too quickly.

8. This Party Needs Music

Every party needs background music, but this one especially since it is called Rhythm And Brews party.  Research Spotify for some great Rhythm & Blues songs and create your playlist prior to the party.  Once guests arrive you can enjoy hours of relaxing Blues music while the guest mingles and sample the beer & BBQ.

9. Game Accessories

Give a tailgate-style party a fun activity such as a Bean Bag Toss or Cornhole. Do not have them? No problem. Find them at your local sporting products shop or create your own. Get crafty with the sport by creating your own bags.

All you need:

  • foam for painting
  • drawstring bags
  • star stencil
  • beans
  • white paint

10. Beer Tasting Scorecard

beer and food party

Gather friends and family rank their favorite brews on traditional wooden clipboards. A scorecard keeps the tasting process speedy and simple. Towards the end of the party gather all scorecards and announce the top 3 winners.  The guest will love hearing which beer everyone seemed to like the most.

11. Mason Jar Shandy

Nothing says summertime barbecue party like a shandy. Use metal buckets full of ice to keep beer bottles cold and chilled. Put a dish with mason jars on top or nearby to provide visitors the choice of fancying it up — in a country-approved way.  Now keep a separate bucket with non-alcoholic bottles of water, lemonade or cans of soda.  Put a paper straw into the stenciled lid to finish the “look”.

12. Fresh Squeezed Homemade Lemonade

A BBQ without homemade lemonade? We do not even think so! Create a freshly squeezed batch the night before the party so that it’s extra sour, perfectly chilled and ready when you need it.

Before serving, garnish glasses with lemon slices.  Styling Tip: If you need to get fancy, rim the glasses with sugar.  See above for serving suggestion in a Shandy glass.

13. Bacon Mac and Cheese

Include that good home-cooking from your childhood with personal Mac and Cheese bowls. Topped with crispy bacon and covered in ooey-gooey cheese, this dish cannot be resisted.

14. Layered BBQ Jar

Serve your barbecue favorites up in a single jar. Simply layer pulled pork, coleslaw, and baked beans. Top with a pickle, and dig in!

Now if this is too time-consuming create a buffet table using one of those red and white checkered table clothes and use chafing dishes to keep pulled pork and baked beans warm. Then a chilled covered dish to keep cole slaw cold. Place small bowls to serve the coleslaw so the juices do not run into the BBQ meats on the plate, of course, this is personal preference.

If you are not used to hosting a big party here is a tip; use freezer plastic bags filled with ice cubes (larger size better than small cubes). Seal the quart size bags tightly or double bag them, because you do not want water seeping out.  Place freezer bags with ice underneath the serving dish with coleslaw on top.  Hiding the bag.  This would only be needed if you are serving in an outdoor warm setting.

If you are inside your air-conditioned home probably put chilled coleslaw out last, right before serving guests.

BBQ food party coleslaw in serving dish

15. Ricotta-and-Strawberry

One look at these sweet and cute berry parfaits and everyone will hover the dessert table. Prepare the ricotta mixture at least 4 hours before, refrigerate. Come party time, top with zesty lemon peel, cool mint, and fresh berries.

16. BBQ Sauce Party Favors

If you love to cook and are creative.  Make your very own BBQ sauce and give small bottles away as a party favor.   Go sassy or sweet either way, guests will remember your occasion for a long time. If you are computer savvy find a label and create your own logo and attach to each BBQ sauce bottle. The BBQ sauce bottles will be a nice send-off to take home after the Rhythm and Brews party.

We have worked to satisfy our passion for creating wonderful experiences. Growing up in the South has given us the chance to see how great memories make life unforgettable. To every event, we bring our distinctive sense of charm and style.

Our objective is to develop experiences that will have customers returning to Southern Belle’s Charm for many of their events. We worked with many brands, including, Crate and Barrel, Disney, China, Marich Chocolates, Chex Party Mix, Shutterfly, Stack Wine, Cascade Ice, and Birthday Cake Vineyards. Living in Las Vegas has given an entertainment platform unlike any other.

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