Boy’s Party Theme Based On The Children’s Book “I Stink!”

We had the joy of working with a new customer this year on a Sweet Sixteenth. We hit it off, so she asked me to design and decorate her children’s parties this year.  Susie told me the funniest story about her son’s love for a book on garbage collection in New York known as “I Stink!”.

We purchased the book and loved the concept of a celebration about Trash & Recycling!

Can you imagine a Garbage Party with recycling? The children will be able to learn a lesson about recycling and saving our planet.

We were excited to work on the filthy project. Together we planned the Garbage Party. So many components are there for this celebration, but here are my preferences.

Additional Theme Ideas

Birthday Boy is stinkin’ up the place…
Everybody signed the book of “your child’s name here” . . . Such a beautiful concept.

The guests were welcomed by a front door wreath made out of used newspapers and fake flies on pipe cleaners . . . Flies were whirring.

Susie made some interesting foam signs for their celebrations each year and didn’t disappoint this year.

Trash Can Guest Book – yes, please!  We used paper, aluminum, cardboard, and crates in keeping with the garbage theme.

orange garbage truck

Garbage Party Food

Who knew trash might be fun?!

  • Kandy Kones stunk up the table
  • Odorous Cupcake
  • Push Pops Fly Pops
  • Mini Safety Vest, order online
  • Doughnuts
  • Dirty Cake Garbage Truck (modify how you present it, make a pile of dirt instead of plant pots)
  • Fly Cookies


The banner was made from dyed coffee filters, newspapers, and garbage bags.

We knew immediately we had to have trash cans all over the place. All of us were thrilled we could make use of them, and the children loved them!

“Another Year Odor,” ordered before the party from Jones Soda Wrappers

Susie desired a drawing assignment, so we developed the Garbage Truck Canvas. The decoration was marvelous!

Using orange cones either on tables or outside where you have the activities.  We had a recycling tossing competition.  In one of the bins, the kids had to toss all aluminum items in, and the other bin was for plastics.

We explained the recycling triangle symbol to them as well.  The one that makes the most items into the correct bin won a small prize.

Lovely displays: adoring the safety orange duct tape!

Garbage themed party garbage truck

Garbage Party Favors To Take Home

Adult Favors: Green is the latest Black t-shirt. Susie provided the diapers to the parents; the winners were the dirty diapers. They won the kitchen garbage bags box!

Favor Bag Tags Kid Favors: Trash Cans for their own rooms or refillable water bottles. You can personalize with each person’s name.


Terrific job, Susie! This was the party that was the trashiest and most stinky! I hope our birthday boy’s party was all he dreamed of and more.

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  1. Wondering where you got your mini trash cans?

  2. Can you tell me where you found the small trash cans!?

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