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Plan Your Next Event Using All “Online” Party Supplies

What Do I Need To Have A Celebration?

The essential ingredients for a party are guests and a location. To move beyond the fundamentals, you should aim to secure an excellent place, entertainment, decorations, food, and drinks.  Currently, many of us would rather not go extra into stores due to the virus that is still lingering around.  So to avoid additional potential exposure here are tips and suggestions to help you plan your next event using most, if not all, online party supplies.

How To Get The Party Checklist Started?

To determine precisely what you want on a party checklist, begin with the big picture, you will need — approximately how many guests and what type of party are you going to throw? For a small private celebration, you might require snacks, beverages, and ice. However, for a vast, themed party, you will want photo backdrops, decorations, staff, catering, and likely a coat check.

Here’s a checklist for the things you may need for a kid’s birthday party. You will have things that you would like to include or subtract, but it may help you start or help you remember something that may otherwise slip your mind.

Getting Started

  1. Order Invitations
  2. Order “Thank You” notes. Ideally, get them at the same time as the invitations if you want them to match, you will always want them, and it will save a job after the party.
  3. Cake. Purchase, make or place an order. Do not forget the candles. If you’re making at home and are not a very experienced baker, then try ready-made birthday cake kits from a famous brand with everything weighed out and all of the decorations prepared.

Online Party Supplies For Decorations

  • Balloons. 2 or 3 colors to coordinate with your theme looks best, think of how you are going to attach them to walls and if you will require twine or whether it’s worth stuffing them with helium.  If you use a helium canister, you’ll need weights and twine — check the balloons are tagged ‘helium secure’ when you purchase them and purchase at least 12″ sizes balloons as little ones have a propensity to pop’ when inflated with helium. Helium canisters are available from Argos and supermarkets.
  • Pom Poms. These are a terrific way to dress up a party, keep in mind most online items come from China, and the wait might be some time so order well in advance. They do require some time to ‘fluff’ so allow an entire evening in front of the TV to prepare them, you don’t like to be doing this the morning of the party or as the guests come.
  • Bunting. All Little Hostess kits come with customized bunting and many other personalized handmade accessories, so you’re ready to go with all your decorations organize.

Decorations For Party Table

  • Table Cloths. Get more than you think, as it is tough to tell the size of tables at a place that you aren’t aware of. You might want one for a present table or to get a table of drinks for parents. You could use one on the floor for coloring areas for kids.
  • Kids’ cups. You may want to price up the ease of using paper cups (and the probability of lots of spills) against using prepared cartons of drink or miniature sports cap water bottles. Does the place easily lend itself to making up squash, and do you want to worry about taking jugs, etc.
  • Adults’ cups. Price up the convenience and cost of bottles or cans and cups.
  • Straws –do note that most ships from China and might be 3-6 weeks, so order well in advance.
  • Plates. Paper plates arrive in 23cm or 18cm versions. You’ll almost certainly want the larger size for the party food and the smaller size for cake (instead of ordering extra napkins for cake).
  • Napkins. Allow 2 per individual. Include any adults present and allow extra if you will serve cake on napkins instead of plates or wrap the cake in napkins for party bags.
  • Serving plates — big platters for sausages, sandwiches, crisps, etc.. Plates are better than using bowls since they may not be sitting high enough to see into bowls.
  • Jugs for drinks
  • Bowls. Some food may need bowls, e.g., popcorn. Little’ treat tubs’ might be helpful for this.
  • Party hats.
  • Cutlery. Even if you have finger food, you may require teaspoons knives for cutting up food for younger kids. Do bring a knife to cut the cake.


  • Temporary tattoos.Temporary tattoos.
  • Prizes (little ones for winners of different games, bigger ones for passing the parcel, mini ones to coating in pass the box).
  • Face paints.
  • Any material required ( sticky tape, crayons, etc.).

Food/Menu Planning

We suggest having it as simple as possible, mainly if you must transport the food. You may want to use paper food boxes and make a box for every child in advance for ease of transport. This is a fantastic suggestion if you have any kids at the party with meals allergies since it is simple to tailor the contents as needed.

Shopping List

Sandwiches (bread, butter, fillings) You can purchase a sandwich cutter to match your theme.

  • Breadsticks
  • Biscuits
  • Carrot sticks
  • Cut fruit
  • Crisps
  • Drinks ( juice cartons/ squash/water)
  • Drinks for adults
  • Houmous/ dips
  • Nibbles or snacks for adults
  • Mini sausages/ sausage rolls
  • Pizza
  • Popcorn

Party Bags

  • Bags. Add a few extras if you wind up getting a few who did not RSVP or who bring siblings with them.
  • Labels. Insert a personalized label to the bag to thank your guest.
  • Things to fill the bag

Don’t Forget Misc.

  • Trash bags
  • Blu tac/ tape
  • Cake knife
  • Camera
  • Candles
  • Cold drink prepared in the refrigerator for you afterward.
  • Kitchen roster
  • Matches
  • Napkins/ plates/ spare prizes
  • First aid kit
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tissues
  • Wet wipes

Places to Buy Trendy Online Party Supplies

We’ve rounded a number of our popular online party supplies websites up that will assist you to bling out your next soiree.

1. Bird’s Party

This shop offers a variety of superbly designed printables for adult and child parties. Printable sets are found around a theme, like Hollywood theme, and include several components like party favor boxes, invites, cupcake toppers bags, and more. The designs can be modified (by you) for customization, printed out, and created on your own.

2. The Flair Exchange

Printed balloons, hand-cut confetti kits, and a wide variety of tissue-paper garlands help this store genuinely stand out. They also have a cute collection of coasters and a blog with lots of inspirational parties theme ideas.

3. Glam Fete

This shop has a crazy collection of tissue garlands in all distinct color combos, textures, and sizes. If you’re creating a photo booth or looking for some showstopping decoration items for your soiree, you’ll find some great, pre-made garlands.

4. Makeshop

This Etsy shop sells paper party crowns and many different paper garlands, ideal for party guests for all ages.

5. Meri Meri

This UK-based company (with a U.S. outpost in San Francisco) has an adorable assortment of supplies. They have options in many different exciting categories, including balloon kits, party wands, garlands, popcorn boxes, swizzle sticks, and much more.

6. Michiemay

Michiemay is where you come for the finishing touches to your party: cake toppers, present sachets, pre-printed cocktail napkins, and “door swag.”

7. Oh Happy Day

This is one of our online party suppliers. They have a lot of fun party offerings, like their favorite kits (pictured) — a group of pre-selected things to create a fun favor bag. They also sell gift-wrapping packages including stickers, tape, ribbon, tissue paper, and the gift wrap — everything you need to wrap the gift.

8. Shindigz

Shindigz Excels in their ability to personalize many of their items. Personalized mugs, signs, candy jars, and party gifts are just a few of the things you can get customized for your one-of-a-kind event.

9. Shop Sweet Lulu

This store has some amazingly stylish party supplies, including concession pieces, paper plates, paper straws, party lights, and fun party banners. If you want to make a stunning, over-the-top party table, this is the place for you.

10. Sweetapolita

If you’ve never heard of a designer sprinkle store before, welcome to Sweetapolita. This is where you’ll discover sprinkle medleys that will make a new level of birthday cake. If you like to bake and intend to create your party candies, you should order a couple of medleys to have available.

11. The TomKat Studio

This shop has well-priced and incredibly chic party supplies, such as French square plastic bottles. In addition to a terrific choice of general supplies, they have a “Shop by Theme” option, which allows you to buy everything you need around many different unique themes, like a watermelon party, peace, and love party or maybe a vintage circus birthday celebration.

12. Zurchers

Zurchers has some interesting paper products, such as party fans, banners, and pennants. They have an excellent choice of ombre disposable party supplies, in addition to a shop-by-color option. On top of that, their Instagram feed is packed with fabulous party ideas and inspiration.

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