Night Owl Hoo Hoo Party Theme

Do you understand how few things are better in our mind than in actual life? For example OWLS.

Their bird song is not the gentle morning “chirp” “chirp,” but eerie sounds of hoo, hoo, hoooooo which you hear during the night letting you know that you’re being watched. Then there is the entire eat-and-barf habit.

Yeah, we’d say, all things recognized, owls are positively on my “Top 10 Animals” list.  The problem is that they need to be so much cuter than they are. Which is why God gave graphic artists to us?

They take those grumpy nocturnal and change them into adorable balls of fabulous down feathers; then we smack the owls on backpacks and blankets and wall art and bracelets and ties.

Six Invitation Owl Birthday Party Ideas

You can make your Owl inspired birthday invitations, either by ordering online using website templates or play around on your computer.  Then you could also buy card stock and get creative with colored paper and complete design them.

owl party invitation example

  1. Red Balloon Invite
  2. Gold Bling Invite
  3. Snack Owl Birthday Party Ideas
  4. Purple Stripe Invite
  5. Photo Invite for Boys or Girls
  6. Dotted Invite

owl birthday party

Six Owl Inspired Food Options

  1. Owl Fruit Tray– we are sure this fruit pattern on Pinterest will attract even the pickiest of eaters to encourage for some fruit. Notice the smart positioning of the fruit dip! (Oh, and if you’re looking for a fantastic fruit dip…try this one!)
  2. Hot Cider In Apple Cups– You will require a woodsy beverage to serve with your owl birthday celebration plans. Most people love this concept to serve within an apple (hollowed-out)! Busy Mommy shows you how you can prepare them.
  3. Nesting Strawberries– Lovely. That’s what this notion from Meaningful Mama is. Do not forget to pick up the candy eyes!
  4. Cheese and Crackers– Add some protein and carbohydrates to the celebration, it is easy to pick up a tray at your local supermarket.
  5. Pretzel Twigs – Why not select a snack you don’t have to cook? Love this smart owl birthday party plan. They would accumulate correctly inside this owl nesting containers.
  6. Owls Eat Their Veggies– Set the side of the table with an owl made with the matching of veggies and a tasty dill dip.

Eight Dessert Owl Birthday Party Ideas

owl cake for birthday party

  1.  Owl Cinnamon Sugar Cupcakes– Yummy….cinnamon sugar… Follow the recipe and decoration measures at Pinterest.
  2. Oreo-Eyed Cupcakes– Ever glance at something and imagine, “I can do this!” Yes. You can do that, see Bakerella
  3. Owl Sugar Cookies– This seems a lot tougher than it is (thank goodness). Lisa, from the Bearfoot Baker, teaches you how you can make that frosting in this tutorial.
  4. Chocolate Square Owl Cake– The excellent owl for chocolate lovers! Watch these decorating measures to recreate it at home.
  5. Topper Stacked Cakes– Bake your regular cake, then make round shapes by cutting it and put a paper topper (or even better, edible oil) on top.
  6. 3D Owl Cake– For home bakers looking for a new challenge, this cake might be what you’re looking for. Time to master the cake!
  7. Rice Crispy Nests– One more Pinterest success, make (or buy) Rice Crispy treats, pressing down the center with a spoon. Dab on some frosting on top and spray on little coconut flakes garnished with food coloring. Add extra three bits of icing to keep your little candy eggs.
  8. Hanging Candy Owls– This idea would seem remarkable hanging from a picture tree on your table.  The children take them home as a favor or can eat them at the party. You’re going to need clear fillable ornaments, ribbon, big googly eyes, construction paper (for the beak) and a few colored candies.

Ten Decor Owl Birthday Ideas

  1. Owl Candles- If you do not have the stamina to make owl-shaped foods, make your regular cake, and utilize these owl candles.
  2. DIY Owl Lantern-This tutorial teaches you how you can turn a white paper lantern into something fabulous!
  3. Hanging Decorations-By far the easiest way to create a room feel “magical” is to begin hanging stuff in the ceiling. Believe. Paper lanterns and a few puffs are all you require. The kids will eat this up.
  4. Felt Owl Buddies– You may have noticed these small guys tied over the food table, this craft looks pretty easy. Some felt, foam balls, quick-drying tacky glue, and googly eyes. Done!
  5. Teal And Pink Tablescape-The things that you will love about this table layout are the bright flowers, pinwheels on the back, the colors, the popcorn containers, and (mostly) the birdcage in the back. (This classic cage could double as a cupcake stand)
  6. Owl Inflatable-Having the children play catch with a few owl inflatables is an excellent way to burn some sugar off before they go home for the evening.
  7. The Mom-In-A-Hurry Pack-You do not have to be Martha Stewart to pull off an awesome owl birthday party. You can save yourself plenty of stress (and make sure everything fits) by surfing through the Mother of Owl Decorations.
  8. Birthday Story & Plushie-This is such a birthday celebration idea. A mini keepsake and narrative for your child to embrace and remind them of this party for years to come.
  9. Purple Owl Decoration Set– Keep a few pennies and use a pre-prepared birthday decoration kit similar to this one.
  10. Tulle Backdrop-Want to cover up the wall behind your dining table? This woman decided to hang various colors of tulle. Very clever!

cute owls for party

Seven Favor Owl Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Owl Rings– Girls will LOVE these precious owl rings.
  2. Gummy Bags– Turn your Ziploc snack bags into owl stomach full of sticky worms!
  3. Cotton Candy– Send them home with a personalized package of cotton candy. The most natural favors are those where you don’t need to put them together!
  4. Thank Whoooo?– Such a smart way to say thank you to your guests! Use a personalized owl label and some cardstock to place on a piece of candy.
  5. Owl Bags– If you have a Silhouette Cameo, these owl bags can be made by you.
  6. Foam Owl Kits– It is an excellent craft to go through the birthday celebration (if you will want to add some more time) or send home for them to put together by themselves.
  7. Chalk Favors– This is a brilliant compliment idea! Take a collection of a trio of sidewalk chalk together with topped with a circle on a personalized sticker, ribbon, and cardstock.

Capturing the Memories of Your Owl Birthday Party

I think this is somewhat “granny-ish” of me, but I cannot help myself, these days go so quickly.
Don’t make the error I did. Do not put all this effort into the party and let the picture memories fade on a fade into forgetfulness on the hard drive, until your computer crashes and you realize that you have lost them permanently.

Make a promise to, within a month of the celebration; take 30 minutes to upload these photos into a high-quality photo book. This way your infant can re-live this celebration all over again when she is older!

photo album to add photos from party

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