new years eve party guide

New Year’s Eve Party Guide


The beginning of the New Year calls for a memorable celebration with family and friends! New Year’s Eve can sneak up on you after Christmas and Thanksgiving festivities take all your time up. New Year’s Eve parties, whether romantic or theatrical, are full of energy and surprises.

By hosting a fun get-together with party planning ideas below ring in the best New Year this time around.

New Year’s Eve Party Planning Ideas

For planning an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party, start with deciding on a theme or a party idea. Your party idea will set the tone for your meals, decorations, and beverages, so make sure to select a plan that fits the budget and your party style.

These party ideas will make your countdown to the New Year a memorable one.

Location Options

Host a New Year’s Eve Party at Home

Throw a romantic and fun gathering at your home. Going out for New Year’s Eve can seem busy with transport and crowds becoming an issue. A get-together at your house can inspire you to get ideas inventive with your party preparation ideas without or half the stress.

Rent a Venue

Go all out this year by hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration at the venue or space. An event venue is an excellent party idea in case you skipped out on throwing a holiday party during Christmas or Thanksgiving time.

As you will want to send the invitations of New Year, start planning your celebration right after the Thanksgiving and send out invites before Christmas.

new-year-party venue


Party Theme Options

Wellness Party

Focus on New Year’s resolutions by hosting a wellness party! Friends and family members can eat healthy bites and participate in activities that promote their physical and mental health. Whether you’re thinking about sending off guests with a list of your favorite recipes or teaching some yoga moves, this is an unexpected and great way to enter in the New Year.

Family Pajama Party

Take the popcorn and some of your beloved movies for a night in with the family. You have been gifted with pajamas for Christmas, so it is an excellent idea to host a family pajama party. You may set up some fun snacks and blankets for a
comfortable countdown aside with your nearest and dearest.

Midnight Supper

Celebrate the New Year at 12 a.m. with a feast! Gather friends and family for a special midnight dinner. Make sure to offer coffee with dessert.

Cocktail Party

new year's eve cocktail party

If you are already planning on setting up an elaborate bar, center your efforts with a cocktail party, bar! You get festive with New Year’s Eve drinks or can create your own recipes.

Backyard Bonfire

bonfire for new year's eve party

Although it would be cold outside, you can still take the party outdoors with a bonfire. You can set a small dessert bar and serve hot chocolate and s’mores. You can catch a few cushions and blankets to keep guests warm along with keeping the flame going.

New Year’s Eve Food and Drink Ideas

Combine simplicity with creativity for your New Year’s Eve Food and beverage ideas. Rather than serving a complete course dinner, offer guests delicious foods that are easy to get and do not require much serving. You can set up a bar with three or four drink recipes and allow guests to make their own drink.

Set Up The Bar

Whether you’re offering alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, it is a terrific idea to set up a drink bar. You may customize your bar area with beverage add-ins, labels with fun sayings, and drink recipes. It is also possible to provide a water bar so guests can stay hydrated.

new years eve party bar area

Plan Small Bites

After consuming heavy food during Christmas and Thanksgiving, decide on a menu for small bites and finger foods for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Foods which are easy to make, create less of a mess, light to consume and keep you out of the kitchen.

Following is a listing of bites that are fantastic for your celebration menu below:

  • Sliders
  • Lobster mac & cheese cups
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Fruit skewers
  • Panko crusted chicken bites
  • Roasted veggie skewers
  • Guacamole and tortilla chips
  • Spinach dip
  • Fried olives or Marinated Olives
  • Smoked salmon pinwheels
  • Cheese platters (function a creamy Brie cheese to your first NYE celebration)
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Charcuterie board
  • Pineapple and black bean salsa and tortilla chips

Plan a Dessert Bar

After savory comes dessert!

Along with preparing a variety of small bites, you may even set up a dessert bar for guests to indulge in snacks. Select a dessert that can be made in minis, so the cleanup is more straightforward. Favorite things for New

Year’s Eve parties comprise cake pops, mini-pies, tiramisu in champagne glasses, mini- parfaits, or an ice cream bar with toppings.

Ask Guests to Bring a Dish

You can save money by asking guests to bring a dish. This is an affordable and accessible way to reduce costs when planning your New Year’s Eve menu. Just ensure to mention this in your own party invitation, so your guests all get the memo.

New Year’s Eve Party Decoration Ideas

Decorating for your celebration is among the most enjoyable facets of the party preparation procedure. You and a friend can start decorating the party space as much as possible to reduce the workload of the day-of. Decorations for the night ought to be festive and shiny so that you can produce a festive and feel-good environment.

Do not feel pressured to go overboard if your budget is small.


Balloons and Signage

Decorate your party with an array of silver and gold balloons, banners with the sayings of New Year, and garlands that are easy to hang. You can use custom canvas prints to attach Happy New Year messages around your celebration and reiterate new beginnings.

Rather than filling your party area with balloons, you can opt for purchasing large numbered balloons that represent the New Year you’re celebrating. These balloons can double as the perfect backdrop for photographs.

Metallic Decors

New Year’s Eve is all about glow and sparkle. Give your party an edge with loads of metallic decorations round bar area or your tablescape and on the walls. Lights may hang in your party to illuminate your sparkling decorations even more.


It would not be a New Year’s Eve party without providing noisemakers to guests for their New Year’s countdown! You can set up a table of party horns, confetti poppers, and blowouts that match the color scheme of your party.

To maintain security, distribute sparklers individually near to the New Year’s Eve countdown.

Hats and Props

Get your party more interesting by providing guests with props and party hats, ideal for snapping photographs throughout the night. Go-to props consist of paper glasses hats, paper champagne glasses, and masquerade masks.

Wish Jars

Last but not least, your party should include a way for guests to share their sentiments for the New Year. You can decorate and put mason jars around your party setup that function as “wish jars.”

People can write their wishes on papers for the New Year and drop them in some of the desired jars around your celebration.

New Year’s Eve Party Favor Ideas

Always send away your guests off with party favors to maintain the New Year’s Eve spirit alive and well. When throwing a New Year’s Eve party, party favors are standard, but you can spice up things by customizing your favors.

  • Personalized stationery
  • Custom sunglasses
  • Mini bottles of champagne
  • Custom wine glasses
  • Personalized candies

Finally, don’t forget to plan New Year’s Eve party out games like imagining New Year’s resolutions, or karaoke, Pictionary! You can keep your guests amused by arranging activities and games that create new fun memories.

If you are accompanying a New Year’s Eve celebration, do not forget to present the hostess a custom Happy New Year card to send off them to the New Year with good fortune.

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