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Make A Big Splash At Your Next Pool Party!

Summer, warm weather, no school, it is some much fun to host a pool party. If you are a pool enthusiast, chances are you entertained or have been invited to various pool parties before. And when that’s true, it’s tough to think of a pool party ideas that are unique. But you do not have to worry about that!

Here are a few tips and theme ideas that will guide you in hosting the best pool party for adults or children that will not be forgotten by your guests.

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1. Do Not Forget The Invitations

Receiving an invitation is more exciting than getting an email or a regular telephone call. Additionally, it’s your opportunity to impress and get your guests excited about the pool party. If your guests live nearby invite them to the splash party through a message in a bottle.

You can purchase bottles online, or you can go the more routes by purchasing any soda pop that comes in a transparent glass bottle. Just simply consume the contents (yum!) and remove the tag. You may put some sand in the bottom and stick a wrapped invitation inside. This is a superb way to involve children.

2. Designate Wicker Baskets For Guests

It’s easy to get things misplaced throughout a party’s hustle and bustle. It is tough to keep an eye on your essentials — while spending a long time in the water. To make things easier for your guests, set wicker baskets in which they can put their small items such as wallet, mobile phones, watches, keys and lots more for keeping safe.

That way they will not be fretting over where they placed their possessions when it is time to go home.

3. Create an Area for Loved Ones and Your Friends

Inform your guests to not carry their beach towels for the party! Rather than forcing everyone to lug the pool party necessities, have an area set up with all the things your guests would require to swim in the pool. Layout pool necessities, for example, sunscreen lotion, towels, sun hats, and even tanning oil so that they can freshen up at their own convenience.

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You can even make a lounge space with outdoor throw cushions or lounge chairs in the region of your pool so that people who are not swimming have a seat to relax and watch the other guests swim.

4. Add Some Light in the Evening

An easy way to add some extra ambiance is to light some candles. You can use some Citronelle candles to keep mosquitos away.  Use varying heights so that they grab your attention and fill space. Or, you can use paper lanterns or light strings to bring a sparkling effect around your pool and patio. This sort of lighting will cast a warm glow that adds to the inviting nature of your pool party.

5. Make Things Easy On Yourself

Everybody wants to be the host, but you may not get to enjoy yourself if you are spending all your time serving to your family and friends. Yet, it’s your party, so you should have just as much fun as everybody else!

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Rather than running back and forth around your pool and the refrigerator to get refreshments and snacks, why not acquire an inflatable floating cooler? It bounces back and forth in the swimming pool, and they could swim over and pull out whatever they would like.

Just stock it up with drinks and juices your guests would like, and they’ll have a continual supply of drinks at their disposal.

6. Play Games

Pool party games make the party more exciting and lively. Your pool party doesn’t need to be about swimming for the whole day. Amaze your guests with some pool games like Pro-Chip Island Pool Golf Game or Swim up Blackjack. It’s a terrific way to bond and have fun at the same time.

You may even welcome your competing side and perform in groups!

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Pool party for children? Why don’t you include a pool ring toss game or number of other traditional pool activities?

You don’t need to invest in pool activities, you will get several free and fun swimming pool party games which you can play to keep adults or the children engaged for long periods.

7. Skip The Cliché Music

Everybody has an acquaintance who loves to perform with those trustworthy oldies in a pool party.  Instead of The Beach Boys time and time repeatedly, play something that everyone will enjoy.

We listened to Kokomo and Surfin’ USA lots of times at the pool and in beautiful any water-themed movie ever produced. Unless you are comfortable, do not feel pressured to play with it because it is something everyone will understand. Make it your own searching Spotify and create your playlist of festive music!

8. Create a Special Treat

Nothing could compare to swimming in summers. However, you know what makes swimming all the enjoyable? Ice cream! Not any kind of ice cream but the type with which you can experiment with your own creations.

What about an ice cream dessert bar? If you’re searching for an idea on display, have a look at this stunning presentation of taste.  You can do it yourself! If you want to do this or will feature food products, be sure that if you lay your meals out, you all do not put it all in one area.

So people can mingle with one another have separate channels and are gathered together at one point.

9. Keep the Attention on Your Pool

At the end of the night when everyone is worn out from a long day of swimming, it is the time to kick back and relax. To keep the entertainment going longer, it is possible to turn your pool into a fountain that gives your guests a serene setting while resting on the porch furniture.

A fountain in the center of the pool goes with the pool party concept, but why don’t you take it by incorporating an element of uniqueness and style. Try a three-tiered pool fountain to build an elegant look.  Or, if you are more adventurous, try a color-changing LED pool fountain.

10. Favor Your Guests

This step is not necessary, but it’s a way to show that you appreciate your nearest and dearest. Besides, who does not enjoy getting cutesy free fun things!?

Begin with a beach pail & shovel and build from there. For the little ones, you can add in vibrant sunglasses and beach balls rubber duckies or entertaining flying discs.

Some of those favors you may use for the adults. You may also add in some little bottles of paper fans, mini fans, sunscreen, and some shade umbrellas.  Or if you bought beach towels for the pool party and do not want all those towels to give them as a party favor.  Your guest will remember your party each time they use the towel. The options are endless!

These are party ideas to get you started on the road to throwing a fun pool party that will be discussed for many years! But do not stop here. There are many other pool party ideas out there!

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