Let’s Go Crazy For Halloween Party

Organizing a Halloween party does not need to be hard. Plan a terrific celebration with these innovative, entertaining Halloween party planning tips.

Prior To Party

1. Choose a Theme

Setting a party theme always helps to set the stage. Try a traditional Halloween idea, such as a Jack-O-Lantern Party, a Scary Movie Party or a Costume Party.

2. Decide a Date, Time & Place

As soon as you’ve decided on a theme, it is time to set the date, time and location for your Halloween celebration. If the amount of guests you want to invite is large, think of having your party in an alternate place, such as a clubhouse,  or community hall.

3. Make Guest List & Send Invitations

Make your list beforehand, that way you will be sure not to forget anybody! If you are going to mail your invitations, make sure you place them well enough in advance to give them time to be sent.

halloween costume

4. Plan Your Costume

When Halloween is near, it’s easy to find costumes for sale in different places. If you would like something extra special, you may want to think about renting a dress for the party. However, some of the best costumes can be placed together with things you have in your closets.

Plan Decorations

Our recommendations for the fantastic Halloween decorations.

halloween pumpkin witch

1. Ghostly Furniture Covers

To create a ghostly mood for your party, decorate celebration furniture with white sheets. Old or new, it does not matter, only have them white.

2. Instant Atmosphere with Colored Lights

Substitute the light bulbs with colored bulbs in the party room  (accessible at your neighborhood hardware, craft, or party store). Black, blue, red, and green light bulbs added ghostly (yet festive) glow. For those who have a lamp that uses two bulbs, connect a blue and a red bulb to make a trendy double-vision effect. Or use black lights and all the white ghosts will show up!

NOTE: Ensure that the colored bulbs don’t exceed the recommended wattage of your lamp and be sure that you leave enough light to allow guests to move about the space quickly.

3. Web’s Overhead & Creepy Crawlies Underfoot

Buy spider webbing, plastic worms, spiders and snakes in the local craft or party store. Put the strap on lamps (do not place too near a light bulb), at the ceiling corners, across the tops of doorways-everywhere that you would like to create an old and creepy look. Put the spiders, rats, and snakes under tables,  in corners, and other surprising places. In low light, they look terrifying (and also real!).

4. Ding Dong! Our Witch is Dead!

Think about the popular scene from “The Wizard of Oz” where they pan into the show the home fell on the evil witch? Recreate the scene in your party area. Buy a pair of white and red striped socks, fill with different socks, paper or fiber-fill (pillow stuffing), set the socks under a seat or couch (so the upper part is hidden) and then set the foot part of the sock in a pair of women high heel shoes.


Plan Games

Pump some life into an undead celebration with these fun Halloween games. Find mysterious ways to have some fun with these ideal party Halloween game thoughts. Whether your celebration crowd is adults or kids, we’ve creative Halloween party games and activities for all ages.

1. Guess the “Monster Parts”

Collect 5 different boxes with lids (sufficiently deep to put a small or medium bowl inside). Make a hole in the lid of each box so that a child’s hand will fit in. Decorate boxes as desired.

Collect your “Monster Components”!

  • Eyeballs – Large grapes
  • Dragon Intestines – Cold cooked spaghetti
  • Ears – Prunes, Dried apricots or bell pepper halves
  • Teeth – Candy Corn, this is an American classic candy which some of us have a “love or hate” relationship with.

Put “Monster Parts” in bowls. Put bowls inside boxes and cover them with lids. Place boxes adjacently on a table, dim the lights, and have the kids reach inside and try to guess the “monster parts.”  Be sure to have wet wipe-ups or moist paper towels for cleaning any sticky fingers or hands.

2. Guess the Pumpkin Seeds Quantity in the Jar

Put dried pumpkin seeds in a jar and fill it entirely with them. Take out the seeds and measure one cup of the seeds, counting the amount from the measuring cup.

Set the seeds back in the jar with the measuring cup and then multiply the number of cups by the number of seeds you found in the cup. Place a sheet of paper near the jar and let each child write down their estimate of how many seeds are in the pot.

You may decorate the jar using a Halloween themed ribbon. For another twist, you could also use candy corn rather than pumpkin seeds.

3. Web Weaving Game

You’ll require a little ball of string (approx. 30 to 40 ft) for every single child in this game. Make two teams with players and place them in a circle (3 to 4 groups work great).

Team members should be confronting each other. Give a ball of string to each child and let them tie the loose side around their abdomen. When you say go, have each child to throw the ball of string to their group member.

The teammate winds the string once around them and then throws the strings back. The first team to utilize their two string balls wins. This is plenty of fun, and the kids will go crazy.

Be sure to take pictures until they start removing the web. It is fun to see everybody all tied up. To include a spooky element, following the final ball of string is chucked; turn the lights out for a moment or two. It is fun to see how the children will escape the web.

4. Pumpkin Bowling

Take 6 empty 2-liter soda bottles for the pins. You can let the children cut out Halloween shapes from construction paper and glue them into the bottles for decoration. Buy some hand-sizes (based on the participant’s ages) pumpkins.

Eliminate the stems. Assign a small helper to help you with resetting the pins. This is fun for children of all ages.

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