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Let’s Celebrate Your Child’s First Communion

Planning for your child’s First Holy Communion is indeed a special occasion. After Baptism but before Confirmation, children usually experience their first communion when he or she is seven to eight years old, depending on the religion might be older. Entertaining a First Communion party to recognize your first Eucharist ceremony of your child is a significant gesture.

Your daughter or son has ultimately completed communion courses in preparation for this moment. Quite often, a communion party with family and close friends reiterates how blissful taking steps towards faith can be.

We have provided tips and helpful communion party ideas below which will help guide you the right direction.

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How to Plan a First Communion Party

Arranging a communion party can be somewhat stressful. To enjoy the moment of your child’s first communion, you must plan your party and ceremony details in advance. You do not have to host a big party to create your child’s communion celebration a success. You should spend some time to ensure that all the details are taken care of.

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1. Confirm a date and the time of the First Communion ceremony with your church.

To throw the first-communion after-party, you need to finalize a date for your child’s communion function. Catholic, Lutheran, or Episcopal churches are usually scheduled communion rites only once or twice a year so you should work with your church to settle a date as soon as possible.

2. Organize your guest list to follow for the celebration.

As soon as you’ve secured a date for your child’s first holy communion, you can begin the party planning procedure. Start with deciding who you want to invite and organizing your guest list.

Keep in mind that this is a special moment and your first communion party invitations will include party details and ceremony information. You should invite relatives and close friends who you feel comfortable with during both parts of the day.

Have family and friends that are non-Catholic? No problem. Make sure to have all the non-Catholic attendees remain seated when it is time for all Church members to participate in the Holy Communion.

3. Pick a location or a place.

Plan a celebration at your home if you are only inviting a small group of friends and family and create an intimate setting. You can decorate your dining area or may organize a party in your garden.

If you are inviting over 20 guests, you need to consider renting a place or banquet room in a restaurant to accommodate your guest’s list. If you’ve got a large family or plan on inviting your extended family, renting an ample space is suggested.

4. Plan out your budget.

You can arrange your budget for a First Communion cake and meals as soon as you’ve assessed people you intend to invite. If you are hosting a group of less than 20, you whip up the majority of the dishes on your own and can serve a filling lunch or dinner.

To keep prices low for a party, try serving bite-sized sweets and hors d’oeuvres. Offer guests Communion cupcakes to accommodate a party instead of a cake. Make the most of the day and prepare as much food in advance as possible.

5. Secure day-of help.

When the day comes, chances are high that you’re going to be receiving your child dressed and ready for their first Holy Communion. Although you prepared decorations and food the day before, there’ll still be tasks.

Ask two or a friend to remain behind during the service and execute the rest of your party tasks. Guests will possibly head directly to the party after Communion, leaving a little time to you to make it home before the party starts.

First Communion Party Decoration Ideas

First communion party decorations should be spiritual, kid-friendly, and simple. When planning your decorations, start with cups, plates, napkins, and utensils.

You can find plates with angel and crosses images, or you can create custom plates with a bible verse or a special saying. When you have selected religion inspired tableware, you can then proceed onto finding garlands, framed canvas prints, white balloons, and décor which have religious symbols or expressions.

When it comes to food or snacks, consider making or purchasing cookies, cake tops, or tea party treats. You could make a fun candy bar with custom lollipops and different cross-shaped candies to bring another sweet element to your celebration.

Often times, colors like light yellow, or pink, light blue, work correctly for first communion decoration.  As there will be many kids at the communion party, you can get artistic and plan a neat kids’ table full of simple art supplies, religious coloring books, or bracelet making activities.

First communion party ideas are all about discovering activities and decorations that represent the joyousness of this event, and your child’s journey in faith.

First Communion Party Favors

Party favors should be purposeful and modest.  You can pick from cute party favors which include angels and crosses, or you can choose a custom party favor that features a photograph of the honoree.

Always make sure you provide both kid-friendly and adult- friendly party favors if you are unsure of your guest list. Small favors which remind guests of what and why they’re celebrating always works best.

bible and rosary beads as gift for first communion


Gift Ideas

  • Angel key chains
  • Angel or cross charms
  • Personalized bookmarks
  • Tins personalized w/ photograph
  • Cross key chains
  • Cross-shaped candy
  • Custom keepsake box
  • Customized chocolate bars
  • Custom ornaments
  • Faith stones
  • Custom stemless glass
  • Bracelets w/ cross
  • Custom Magnets
  • Cross candles
  • Mini–rosaries
  • Custom champagne flutes

Planning a First Communion celebration can seem hectic because you’re preparing for the ceremony and after than a party. This event is priceless and means a lot for your child, the entire household, Godparents, and you.

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To fully enjoy this time and feast a new chapter in your child’s life, plan in advance and focus on your event’s messaging. Remember to keep your meals, decorations, and invitations representative of the reason for this special day.

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