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Lilttle Monsters Birthday Party Ideas


Scared yet….hope so, you’re just about to shout with excitement over this cute Little Monsters Birthday Party organized by an Uber talented mother.

Have all your party guests dress up as a character from the movie Monsters, Inc or their favorite cartoon monster costume.  You can be creative and come up with an outfit by looking on Pinterest.

Told you I would make you scream!  I would suggest having this party outdoors, weather permitting. That way the party guest can try to scream and scare the other children to create Scream Energy.  Parents may want to bring earplugs…haha!  Or enjoy an adult beverage.

little monsters birthday party invitation

Stunning detail on a white cake – perfection!  With a basic white cake, you can do anything you want.

  • Add your theme party colors to the cake.
  • Place additional decorations with items glued to lollipop sticks.
  • Insert faux candles that sparkle and relit themselves when the birthday child tries to blow them out.

Can’t go wrong with the infamous . . . KANDY KONES! Get them!  Stuff the candy cones full of treats for the children.  Display them on the round multi-level cupcake stand.  Attach to each cone some funny eyes and make a scary funny face.  It will be a fun table display.

Eyes on pinwheels . . . of course!  You can go to your local Dollar Tree store and usually find pinwheels in the garden section, especially during the Springtime.  They come in all colors and by adding little eyes on them makes them very appealing to the children.  Place them around the backyard for party decorations.  At the end of the party, each child can take one home so they can remember the fun party.

Tasks For Children At Monsters Birthday Party

  • Foam monster coloring, use markers.
  • Monster coloring sheets, place buckets of crayons on the table.
  • Monster mask making, use foam sheets, scissors, glue sticks, and rubber band or string to tie around the face.  If children are very young it is best to have the overall shape of the mask already draw on foam sheet or pre-cut them.

birthday party ball pit

And create a small ball pit by filling a large blowup swimming pool with soft plastic balls, or rent one.

Complete details are available on the uber-talented mom’s blog. Be sure you stop by and let her know that you loved the party!

How is she ever going to top this party? Can’t wait to see the next party idea!

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