How to Create A Fun Elmo Party

Here are the Elmo birthday party ideas, with a lot of creative strategies and suggestions for an Elmo birthday party theme–including food, beverages, Elmo party decorations, and Elmo party invitations.

Below are some tips for invitations to kick off the Elmo birthday party plans.

Personalized Elmo Invitations

There are lots of different personalized Elmo birthday celebration invitations available, like the ones below:

Elmo Cookie Invitations

A cute 3D invite you could use with these Elmo birthday party ideas would be to send an Elmo cookie. These come separately covered in cellophane bags and knotted with ribbon, either with or without a stick.

All you will have to do is append a printed or handwritten tag including all the party details on and send them to your guests as your invitations.

If you would like to make these even more special, lay them on a tissue paper in one of those decorative box mailers and join with ribbon.

Elmo Pom Pom Invites

We thought Sesame Street pom-pom crafts would make adorable 3D Elmo party invitations. Just get the pom pom maker yarn and eyes. If you are not into crafts, then you could easily create something like your Elmo birthday party ideas by buying pom-poms and following the tutorial to bring the eyes and mouth.

To turn these pom poms into invitations, compose your party details on a little tag and connect to the pom-pom key ring to complete your 3D Elmo party invites. You may hand write the party details on a decorative delivery label, or rather you can have the printed quite cheaply incorporating your photograph.

Invitation Text

No matter which kind of invitation you choose for your Elmo birthday party approaches,
here are some tips for the wording:

  • Use the caption ‘La la la la la la la la…Elmo’s World
  • Write all of the messages in the third person, as Elmo converses (ex,’Elmo desires
    you to answer to…’)
  • Create the invitation message from Elmo and Dorothy (his pet goldfish)
  • Mention that there’ll be plenty of bananas, pizza, and crayons (all of Elmo’s

To provide another element to your party theme, inform your guests: ‘the celebration is going to be conveyed to you by the letter (insert initial letter of the child’s name) and the amount (insert child’s age).’ After that, you can follow through with this in a number of the party theme plans below.

Elmo Postage Stamps

To actually personalize your Elmo birthday party invitations, you may make your own customized postage stamps.

Upload a picture of the birthday boy or girl outfitted in an Elmo costume and the personalized stamps will be sent to you.

Children’s Party Drinks

Below are some themed beverages to incorporate with the Elmo birthday party plannings:

Dorothy’s Punch

Make any blue beverage, like the Blue Bubblegum Soda and serve in little plastic goldfish bowls with straws.
Then get a mold to generate goldfish ice block’s to represent Dorothy (add a few drops of coloring or orange juice into the ice cubes but examine them to see just how much they change the color of the beverage as they melt).

“Elmo’s Face” Punch

Any reddish juice drink is fantastic for your Elmo birthday celebration ideas since you may call it Elmo Punch.

Pour the red juice in small plastic goldfish bowls, then add little googly eyes, a nose, and a mouth cut out of cardstock (or drawn on with a Sharpie) so that every goldfish bowl resembles the face of Elmo.

Banana Smoothie/ Milkshakes

Elmo likes his bananas, so make up a lot of Banana-Nutmeg Smoothies or just get few banana milkshakes and put them into Elmo party cups.

Elmo Juice Boxes

These Elmo’s Punch juice boxes would also seem cute lined up on a dessert table. Match them with the customized Sesame Street straws or these adorable Elmo straws.

Elmo Themed Water

Use these personalized labels to offer regular water bottles an Elmo make-over. Alternately, these personalized Elmo water bottles are just $5 each and can double as favors/place setting cards.

Party Food Ideas

Below are some of the best recipes to give you inspiration for your Elmo birthday party ideas:

Everyone understands Elmo’s favorite food is pizza, so have a look at this recipe out of Sprout for how to create Elmo’s Funny Face Pizza Pies.

Elmo’s Funny Face Pizza Pies

This recipe uses a sliced bagel as the pizza base, but you may also swap for classic thin pizza dough if you want, such as these ones.  For making bite-size pizzas, use Elmo Cookie Cutter to shape them.

Alternatively, for a sweet take on pizza attempt the Fruit Pizza. We believe that you can produce a fruit pizza of Elmo’s face using
red grapes, strawberries or raspberries for the face, half apricot for the nose and blueberries to the mouth. Leaving two balls of the cream cheese frosting found for the eyes with a black or grated avocado for the kids to complete his face.

Here’s another great recipe that is good for Elmo birthday party impressions:

Elmo’s Red Veggie Alphabet Soup

Soup might not seem like an obvious celebration food, but it just comes down to how you present it. I frequently serve soup in little shot glasses as canapés in my professional events. Consider serving it in tiny plastic fish bowls with a cardstock mouth and nose and googly eyes, so the red soup constitutes Elmo’s face when putting into the bowls.

If you want to make it more appealing to the children you can always add a little grilled cheese sandwich balanced on top.

You can also get some organic crackers shaped like Big Bird and Elmo that you can serve with cubes of cheese or this ‘ Letter of the Day‘ vanilla biscuits.

Here are a few additional Elmo face inspirations

  • Uses raspberry Jell-O powder on a sandwich for your face, small mozzarella balls and a dried apricot as
    the nose, olives for the eyes, and a mouth cut out of berry fruit leather.
  • Another is made from a hamburger bun with shredded carrot and cream cheese, egg, and a kumquat nose, olive eyes and mouth.
  • Other snacks based on Elmo’s face you can make are these PB&J Sandwiches
    which used jelly and peanut butter, half a clementine for the nose and
    marshmallows and grapes for the mouth and eyes.
  • It is possible to use the Elmo cookie cutter mentioned previously to make the shape more defined. Or these adorable mini Babybell original cheese as a base to start making Elmos.  Serve Goldfish Crackers from fish bowls to match Dorothy.
  • Alphabet words cookie cutters. If you are incorporating a particular number and letter into your Elmo birthday party ideas (according to every scene of Sesame Street), you could also use alphabet cookie cutters (provider 3) to form the pizza, sandwiches, fruit pieces, cheese slices, and Jello. Or purchase Alphabet Chicken Nuggets.
  • As one of Elmo’s favorite food is banana, try making these lovely PB&J Banana Dogs or for something sweet, try Frozen Chocolate-Covered Bananas.
  • For additional sweet treats create cupcakes to seem like the face of Elmo by either piping the frosting with a star tip or for the attributes or use sprinkles for the fur.
  • Here’s an excellent video tutorial (below by yoyomax12 on YouTube) for how to make easy Elmo cupcakes by immersing them into grated coconut tinted with some red food coloring. The video also teaches you how you can create amazing Cookie Monster, Oscar cupcakes, and Big Bird.

  • If you would like just to decorate some cupcakes, you may use those Elmo cupcakes rings or that personalized cupcake.
  • Or have some personalized cake toppers made with the birthday boy or the girl’s face.
  • You can also get some adorable crayon cake selections and Elmo cupcake liners.
  • Cake pops could be a little hassle to make. You must bake the cake, break it, then add frosting to the crumbs, roll into balls, then freeze a bit to harden . . . And all that’s until you begin to decorate them.
  • For a faster option, use one of those Cake Pop Makers to create simple cake chunks in approx 5 minutes, and then simply cover in frosting.  Otherwise, pick up one of those Cake Pop Baking Pans.
  • As an alternative, you can just get some Elmo cake pops or Marzipan Treats.  Or try these super adorable Elmo Macaroons.
  • Make use of an Elmo cake pan to make Jigglin’ Elmo Jell-O or create this Fish Bowl Gelatin recipe but serve in separate goldfish bowls with only a single gummy fish to display Dorothy. Suggestion: Add a layer of sliced fruit salad in the base of the Jell-O to seem like gravel.
  • Elmo also adores his crayons, so include these on your Elmo birthday party ideas by making these Edible Crayons. She even offered a free download for the crayon labels.
  • You may also purchase candy by the color here to fill your dessert table.
  • For something healthier, you might make Elmo Fruit Faces. Although to make them entirely from fruit (instead of with vegetables) we would suggest using some apricot for the nose, pear or apple for the eyes, and black grapes for your mouth and pupils.


Birthday Cake

  • The Elmo cake pan is an effortless method to turn an awesome looking birthday cake. For additional offering, serve it on a tray with many crayons scattered around it.
  • Or if you are not the baking type, you can just place one of those personalized edible images over any cake.
  • Alternatively, use this personalized Elmo cake topper with the birthday boy or girl’s name.

Food And Drink Presentation

Following are a few styling and decoration suggestions to go with the Elmo birthday party theme.

Buffet /  Dessert Table

There is something unique about the green grass and daisies against a bright sky background with butterflies, clouds and a rainbow which just sums up the innocence of

So if your budget allows taking this as inspiration for your buffet/dessert table presentation then try to make something like this.

  • Get a sky view setter by cloud sticker add-ons to work as a background and spell out Elmo’s title in cotton wool (or cut from polystyrene and melt down the edges with a lighter for a softer finish if you are more convenient at crafts). Then add a couple of 3D butterfly stickers to the sky backdrop.
  • After that, cover a green tablecloth with tissue grass mats and scatter a few plastic daisies around to split up all of the green. You could also use a few of that ladybug food picks to bring a dash of color to the grass if you would like.
  • As an alternative, you may use the ‘summer horizon’ background paper. It comes with a height of 50ft long roll, the printed scene is 4ft high, and it is only $20.
  • Finish the scene with the giant Airwalker balloon as a centerpiece, together with a toy goldfish in a container.
  • Or use those 2ft tall Sesame Street cutouts to make the table tall.
  • As an alternative, you might use a customized Sesame Street sign built and attach this above the dessert table or use the freestanding Sesame Street customized lamp pole.
  • Then use a combination of rectangular and square clear plates and bowls to display food on (clear plates will enable the ‘bud’ to show through). We suggest disposable Premium Plastic Plates; they are a great value and seem so much pleasant than standard paper party plates.
  • If the funds for your Elmo birthday party ideas does not support for this significant dressing you can make a cheaper dessert/buffet table screen like this one below:
  • Make a ‘wall’ of red balloons to work as a backdrop by adjusting them to vertical strips of the adhesive balloon decorating tape. Then attach a large Elmo face balloon at the middle. Use a white table cover using a reddish table runner (you can just get a disposable red paper cover and alter this size to work as a runner).
  • If your budget allows, you can find a more professional finishing by investing in one of those freestanding backdrop planks for $49 and attaching the balloons to it. The excellent thing about these backdrop boards is that you can use them annually to make another dessert table or photo booth background.
  • Another way to utilize the background board is to include red tissue pom poms with it. This would be particularly great for an Elmo birthday party as it would give a fuzzy feel like Elmo. You might even make some eyes, a nose, and a mouth with cardstock to make a giant Elmo face at the middle of the backdrop.
  • Another way to make an inexpensive screen is to use streamers as the background.
  • Twist and hang a combination of red, white, and orange crepe paper banners in solid straight lines from floor to ceiling or use a combination of red, orange and white tissue paper garlands hung upright to make a backdrop. Take an orange covering with a red runner (or any reddish faux-fur if affordable to you) and
    superior plastic white or clear serving trays.
  • As an alternative, you could hang these paper circle garlands. Although we’d suggest hanging them rather than organizing them in horizontal swags.

Brought To You By The Letter…

Another option that works with these Elmo birthday party ideas would be to dress the food table with brightly colored items and toys beginning with your chosen letter (ex, if your child’s name starts with D use rubber ducks, daises, dolphins, etc.). You may also set things according to your preferred number (ex, if your kid is turning 3, get 3 rubber ducks, 3 dolphins, 3 daisies ).

Complete the scene by attaching a customized Elmo party banner over the table.

Likewise, you can use cut-outs of letters and numbers on the wall as a background (create or cover each one with a different feel ex, grass, foam, balloons, etc.). Or for the 3D effect, you can purchase a few of those cheap 8″ paper mache letters and cover them in materials such as feathers, glitter, polka dot stickers, sequins, etc..

Then organize them over a wall or make a curtain by hammering them on vertical strips of ribbon/string from floor to roof.
Alternatively, you can purchase readymade Sesame Street letters here

Food Presentation

If you are not adding the ‘Brought to you by the letter…‘ theme above on your Elmo birthday party plans, you can yet incorporate some Sesame Street style letters by creating labels for each dish which reads ‘C is for Cookie,’ ‘P is for Pizza‘ etc. Just do not use labels such as this in case you’re dressing the table with items that start
with a specific letter; otherwise, you will just confuse things.

Serve candies, cookies, and cakes using:

  • Elmo treat pails
  • Elmo cupcake stands
  • Pizza boxes (paste an Elmo face on the box)
  • Goldfish bowls
  • Elmo themed popcorn containers

You may also apply printable Sesame Street food labels to make some additional decor to the dessert table. These can also be altered with your own text.

These Elmo and Cookie Monster cardstock cutouts may also be attached to food containers and treat to make them appear more special.

Table Decorations

Below are suggestions for decorating the main dining table including these Elmo party decorations.

      • If you need a quick and effortless way to dress the table, there are plenty of great
        Elmo themed tableware kits accessible, such as Elmo napkins, paper plates, and
        table covers.
      • There is also a simple Elmo 1st Birthday high chair decorating kit available for
      • If you choose to pick and choose some branded things to mix with a few solid
        colors, we would recommend you adhere to a palate of white and red with a few
        touches of a third color, such as yellow or orange, as an accent. An all-red table
        merely is too heavy. So maybe use a red table cover with a white runner down the
        center to split it up, or a broader red banner using a white under the cloth. You can
        notice how red, yellow and white works well with this Elmo party cutlery sets.
      • If your budget allows, use some large heap red faux fur as the tablecloth to provide
        a gentle Elmo-like feel. If your budget will not stretch to covering give the entire
        table, just use a white or red table cover then make a runner down the middle out of
      • Red Gerberas (right) would be the perfect flowers to utilize for the child’s Elmo
        party since they have a natural daisy-like appearance. So get a couple to organize in
        little Mason jars on the table. You might also enclose the Mason jars with crayons
        being upright and tied in place with ribbon.

table center piece of elmo

      • For a centerpiece, consider an inexpensive Elmo plush toy (which could double as a birthday present) or the Elmo foil balloon alongside a toy goldfish in a bowl (or watch the food thoughts section above for how to generate a Jello goldfish bowl.
      • Alternatively, you will find lots of cut out figurines available.
      • Make adorable Crayon Place card Holders.
      • Alternatively, place one of those cute goldfish handle packs (provider 4) at each place setting.
      • Some people prefer to have some decorations overhead also, to fill the unoccupied area above the table, so use a bunch of red paper lanterns and add Elmo’s eyes and face using cardstock. (You may also pick up a cheap battery LED bulbs to produce the lantern’s glow without needing to worry about power cords). As an alternative, for a more feminine appearance use tissue pom-poms.
      • If you want, you can purchase Sesame Street themed tissue poms and pre-prepared Elmo.
      • As an alternative, just get the faces as printables and stick them to lanterns or tissue pom poms yourself.
      • Attach an Elmo face balloon into the rear of every seat. Instead, hang one of those plastic Elmo hats on each chair.
      • If you are integrating the ‘Brought to you by the letter…’ idea in your party statement, spread a few foam numbers and letters around the table. Alternatively use the Sesame Street confetti, which features Elmo.

Elmo Party Decorations

  • We believe it’s a fantastic idea to begin your decorations outside so the guests will start to get excited as they arrive. This could only be simple things like chalking the pavement with Elmo faces or bunches of red balloons across the driveway. Turning red balloons into Elmo faces with printable is possible.
  • Instead, use a personalized yard sign or one of the Elmo banners mentioned previously above the door.
  • As an alternative, you could print a life-size cut of your child dressed in an Elmo costume to place at the end of your driveway or outside the main door. These may be combined with a motion-activated voice recorder for less than $10, on which you can record a 10-second welcome message which plays as your guests walk past.
    You can genuinely record Elmo saying ‘Hi, Happy to See You’ by enjoying with this free soundboard clip into the voice recorder.
  • This adorable balloon wreath would look great on the door to greet people. You could make it with only red balloons to tie in with the Elmo party decorations, then to position an Elmo face balloon at the middle.
  • Instead, pick up an Elmo Airwalker balloon and tie this to the front door to greet people as they arrive.
  • Indoors, you can use the Elmo banners to decorate the walls or have one personalized with the birthday boy or girl’s name.
  • There are also adorable Sesame Street paper lantern collections which highlight Elmo, or if it’s a 1st Birthday celebration, it is possible to use those swirl decorations.
  • A terrific way to decorate for an Elmo party theme would be to recreate the scribbled crayon drawn room interior from Elmo’s World.
  • To create the crayon space, first to cover your walls with plain paper (you can search for clearance rolls of background and use the opposite side to provide a plain finish or use rolls of butcher’s paper). Fix the paper in place with a removable adhesive tape (a great method is to apply masking tape strips to your walls (this is a
    a low-adhesive tape which you could peel back up with no mark) then apply double- sided tape in addition to the masking tape and adhere your paper into the double- sided tape. In this manner, the double-sided do not really touch your walls, just the low-tack masking tape does.
  • As soon as you’ve created a blank canvas with paper, draw all the features of this room on with crayons, like doorways, windows, pictures, decorative borders.
  • Scatter some inflatable crayons around to finish the look, or hang them down from the ceiling.
  • As the design of Elmo’s room is just crayon scribbles, you might also create a simple home-made banner.
  • In the end, add some atmosphere to the party by playing the Sesame Street CD. It includes all the famous songs like the primary theme; Elmo’s Song, C is for Cookie, and Rubber Ducky.
  • Complete your decorations with a personalized photo booth framework (below left) and these Sesame Street photo booth props (below right).

Elmo Costumes

elmo party adult costumes

If you wish to allow the guests to dress up within that Elmo birthday party plans, there are lots of dresses available to befit all ages. If a relative or parent is feeling brave, maybe they can dress up in an adult Elmo costume and act as an entertainer.

Elmo Party Favors

For party favor to compliment these Elmo birthday party ideas, there are a lot of individual items available. You can then include Elmo favor bags or treat pails.

Elmo Party Games

Below are a few Elmo theme party games and activities to choose with the Elmo birthday party ideas.

1. Coloring

There are lots of Elmo coloring-in images on the Sesame Street site which you could print off and hand out with a few crayons to keep the children busy while everyone arrives.

2. Guess How Many

Fill a fishbowl with Goldfish Crackers and see who can guess how many there are.

3. Elmo Pinata

This draw-string pinata is perfect if you’re searching for Elmo birthday party ideas for younger children as they can take turns pulling on a string.

4. Making Pizza

As Elmo’s beloved food is pizza, allow them to prepare their pizzas. Pre-make the base so the children can just play with the toppings.

5. Sesame Street Tattoos

The temporary Sesame Street tattoos wash off easily with soap and water.

6. Fill Up Dorothy’s Bowl

Build two teams with children and have them play with a relay race to take cups of water from one point to another to be able to fill up Dorothy’s fishbowl. Make them run each phase of the relay race using some type of a handicap (ex, wearing clown shoes, a leaking cup, a three-legged race, hands tied behind their backs carrying the plastic container with their teeth, etc.). The winning team is whoever was able to fill up Dorothy’s bowl first.

7. Dorothy’s Lucky Dip

Fill out a paddling pool with water and scatter small piles of toys and treats at the bottom.  Then spread the plastic goldfish on top of all of the goodies. Give the kids fishing baits have them take turns to see whether they can fish out some snacks without grabbing Dorothy in their nets.

Give every child 20 seconds to find out what they can catch, but if they scoop up Dorothy that they need to give up their snacks.

Another variant of this is to fill a paddling pool with plastic sheeting and write a number on the bottom on everyone. The kid’s fish out one, like a classic lucky dip, and the amount on the base of their goldfish corresponds to a prize or a sacrifice.

8. Hunt For Dorothy

This is only an uncomplicated treasure hunt accommodated to match with the Elmo birthday party ideas. Make use of the same plastic goldfish in the game over and hide them around the party and see who can get the most.

9. What’s Missing?

Assemble a tray of things each beginning with the same letter (ex, if your child’s name begins with a D and then select objects that also start with D). Show them the tray of items before taking it away and eliminating one thing. Look if they can recognize which one is missing.

For different visual memory game, you can make use if these Sesame Street cards.
Pick a letter and find out how many things they could see in the room that starts with that letter. Give prizes to whoever can record the most.

10. Pin Elmo’s Nose On

This is a nice variation of Pin the Tail On, but you must place Elmo’s nose on.

11. Elmo Says

Pick an Elmo puppet (or create a simple sock puppet) and have an adult voice Elmo hid behind a table. Then play Simon Says, but obviously, make it “Elmo Says” to match with these Elmo birthday party ideas.

Sesame Street Medals

Use the Sesame Street awards as prizes for the winner of every game.

Put Me In The Story Gift Idea

Put me at the Story creates personalized children’s novels that make your child the star of this story besides their beloved Sesame Street characters. These make a terrific present for the birthday girl or boy but can also be used to end the party with a group story time session in the end.

Thank You Notes

Follow up after the celebration with Elmo Thank You notes or cards. It is always nicer when those are hand-written so only use inexpensive printable ones.

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