Children’s Thanksgiving Holiday Party

How To Host A School Thanksgiving Celebration

Give some thought to all the activities you consider you can do with your students, and realize time constraints due to a short month that is already packaged with parent/teacher conferences and a week off school.

But thankfully, this project is less trouble than it sounds. Promise!

And actually, a Thanksgiving party in a classroom might be more comfortable than let’s say a Halloween party at home. Here are ways to make it effortless.…

Boy’s Party Theme Based On Children’s Book “I Stink!”

We had the joy of working with a new customer this year on a Sweet Sixteenth. We truly hit it off, so she asked me to design and decorate her children’s parties this year. Susie told me the funniest story about her son’s love for a book on garbage collection in New York known as “I Stink!”.

We purchased the book and loved the concept of a celebration about Trash & Recycling!

Can you imagine a Garbage Party without recycling? The children will have an opportunity to learn …