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Sweet Baby Birdie Baby Shower Inspirations

Remember my soul sister/bestie Linda (and her wedding shower I organized for $50)? Well…Linda is going to be a mother! I could not be more delighted!

Our friend Julie and I were asked to host her baby shower. It was fun, beautiful, and a terrific way to honor her infant boy. So have fun with this post filled with baby birdie (bird-themed) baby shower concepts, and see how we managed to pull it all together.

Theme – Baby Birds

As stated in this article, I recommend baby shower beginning with …

Night Owl Hoo Hoo Party Theme

Do you understand how few things are better in our mind than in actual life? For example OWLS.

Their bird song is not the gentle morning “chirp” “chirp,” but eerie sounds of hoo, hoo, hoooooo which you hear during the night letting you know that you’re being watched. Then there is the entire eat-and-barf habit.

Yeah, we’d say, all things recognized, owls are positively on my “Top 10 Animals” list.  The problem is that they need to be so much cuter than they are. Which is why God gave …