How to Create A Fun Elmo Party

Here are the Elmo birthday party ideas, with a lot of creative strategies and suggestions for an Elmo birthday party theme–including food, beverages, Elmo party decorations, and Elmo party invitations.

Below are some tips for invitations to kick off the Elmo birthday party plans.

Personalized Elmo Invitations

There are lots of different personalized Elmo birthday celebration invitations available, like the ones below:…

5th Grade Birthday Rocket Party

Five, four, three, two, one — blast off!

The countdown to fun has started with these fantastic tips for an astronaut rocket party, including games and activities. These arts and craft projects should keep the children entertained for a few hours.  Try as many as you like or as time allows, but most of all remember to let them have fun and maybe they just want to play with a rocket ship.

Party Themed Activities