Tips for Back To School Party

Modern Party Etiquette Tips For Back To School Party

Spring is coming fast and with it all, our favorite seasonal school celebrations. Easter, Homecoming, Prom-there’s so much to look forward to! Of course, this year will be slightly different-with most students still attending online high school for the possible future; many back-to-school festivities will be conducted virtually over Zoom and other video-chatting mediums. Students have had their education affected by the global pandemic and their chances to attend once-in-a-lifetime special events with friends and family. Online celebrations not only bring a sense of normalcy but some much-needed cheer for …

Planning your next party

Hosting a Game Night at Home

Whether you’ve been stuck inside due to COVID-19, or you’re just looking for something fun and safe to do with friends and family, a game night is a perfect solution. There is no limit to the creativity you can incorporate when it comes to hosting a game night at home.

What’s even better is hosting a night of games and laughs without having to get out of your comfy clothes!  From the guest list to decor and everything in between, we’re breaking down some of our favorite tips to help …

How to use online party supplies

Plan Your Next Event Using All “Online” Party Supplies

What Do I Need To Have A Celebration?

The essential ingredients for a party are guests and a location. To move beyond the fundamentals, you should aim to secure an excellent place, entertainment, decorations, food, and drinks.  Currently, many of us would rather not go extra into stores due to the virus that is still lingering around.  So to avoid additional potential exposure here are tips and suggestions to help you plan your next event using most, if not all, online party supplies.

How To Get The Party Checklist Started?

Virtual Party

How To Plan A Virtual Party While Social Distancing

Plan a virtual party while social distancing? Birthday parties are special, not only do they indicate the passing of another year, but they are also among the best ways to gather your family and friends for all of the festive desserts, delightful cocktails, and whimsical decor your heart wishes.

Indeed, this year will be different. Among recent calls for social distancing, get-togethers both large and small have been called off, leaving several spring infants — and their parents, spouses, and friends — to celebrate at home.

While it may …

best party for kids

How To Plan The Best Party For Kids And The Adults

What Does Every Kid Love?

Everyone has a distinct understanding of party planning. When it comes to the potential for stressful logistics, children’s parties rank next only to weddings. Several people thrive on it and love big affairs with lots of people. Others want just a couple of guests. So strike a balance and keep reading on how to pull off the best party for kids and grown-ups.

Many children are adaptable and will roll with whatever celebration you put on, so how do you plan the best party for …

serve filtered water at your next event

Serving the Right Drinks Will Make (or Break) Your Summer Party

With all the various types of water out there and all of the hype that goes with each, it can be easy to become confused about which kinds of water is best for your health and tastes good. And, you may end up struggling with environmental concerns of bottled water versus the chemicals in tap water’s issues.  According to, the best kind of water for mixing drinks is filtered water to improve the taste.

That is why we came up with this article to help clear up confusion and …

pool balloons for pool party

Make A Big Splash At Your Next Pool Party!

Summer, warm weather, no school, it is some much fun to host a pool party. If you are a pool enthusiast, chances are you entertained or have been invited to various pool parties before. And when that’s true, it’s tough to think of a pool party ideas that are unique. But you do not have to worry about that!

Here are a few tips and theme ideas that will guide you in hosting the best pool party for adults or children that will not be forgotten by your guests.…


Start Planning an A+ Graduation Party

The summer brings over the sunshine and a deserved break from school.  April or May is the perfect time to plan that graduation celebration! Your graduate worked hard for that diploma or degree.

Now it’s your time to plan a party to do something for your graduate. Start by going through our party planning guide to throwing an A+ bash. As you already know, planning a party is not so easy.

By following the schedule given below and staying organized, you can throw a graduation party for your guest …

beer sampling party with music

Rhythm And Brews Evening Party

Make your Summer refreshing and joyful with a Rhythm and Brews party. Some top-notch decorations, finger-Lickin’ barbecue recipes, and (of course) beer sampling create this celebration to be the party of the season. Hold on to your hats, let’s get ready to have fun!!

Event Planning Guide

1. Build The Party

A home-built, classic truck, and country odes, like plaid tablecloths and guitars, makes this celebration authentic and fun. We reveal our secrets for throwing an ideal backyard barbecue ever.…

pirate party theme

Captain Jake And The Never Land Pirate Party Ideas

Jake and The Never Land Pirates Birthday Celebration is so much fun and there are many things to share! As making “fun foods” is key for this party, we will share lots of ideas. So let’s get started, I believed all our pirate food (aka”buccaneer grub”) is fairly easy to make.  The food has a nautical spin on some of the items.

The small touches make it more fun! Here is the menu:


Follow The Clues To A Secret Agent Party

For hundreds of years, the secret world of spies has fascinated adults and kids fueled by mystery books and movies. It is no surprise that kids request a mystery celebration when their birthdays roll around.

Here are some fun ways to organize a mystery or spy theme and provide your birthday child an unforgettable party.…

spa day party at home

Have Your Own Spa Day Party

If the weekend is intended to be an escape from everyday pressures, why are you spending it purchasing overpriced drinks at a crowded pub? Then, waiting a long time for a table in the trendy new restaurant that started up down the street. And finally, finishing the night off by sitting in traffic trying to get home?

It’s time to treat yourself to some relaxation and pampering -we are talking about the joys of a spa day. And there is no need to pay major bucks when you can …


“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Theme Party Ideas

We Are Seeing Rainbows, Blue Skys, And White Clouds

For a child’s first birthday party this will be an extraordinary event. Though she/he might not recall their  1st birthday event, for the longest time, you want to make the rainbow themed party memorable for the entire family.

When I started thinking about topics, those ‘kiddie’ themes began flying through my mind. At last, I chose the rainbow theme, and that suited perfectly. A one-year-old or any toddler aged child brings so many colors into our lives,  cannot think of any …

first communion receiving the euchartist

Let’s Celebrate Your Child’s First Communion

Planning for your child’s First Holy Communion is indeed a special occasion. After Baptism but before Confirmation, children usually experience their first communion when he or she is seven to eight years old, depending on the religion might be older. Entertaining a First Communion party to recognize your first Eucharist ceremony of your child is a significant gesture.

Your daughter or son has ultimately completed communion courses in preparation for this moment. Quite often, a communion party with family and close friends reiterates how blissful taking steps towards faith can …

Host A Children's Book Party

Inspire Young Minds To Read By Throwing A Book Party

Many schools have an “include all” birthday-party policy, in which the whole class is invited as you can guess the birthday child had a mountain of presents, out of which most of them were toys. If you reside in a small home or an apartment as you can imagine you don’t have room for those new toys and are dreading the clutter they presented.

What is more, your child may not like the toys that they get, which might prompt unnecessary drama.

We all know that books are the …